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Dealing with Covid 19

Dealing with Covid 19 and keeping your pets mental health a priority. One of my biggest concerns while we are at home or out working more is our dogs getting out of their daily routine and then a potential for a massive problem with separation anxiety when people go back to work. In one of my.posts I ask if people could try keep some routine going even if it means returning to the bedroom for an hour but shutting the front door as you pass it by so the dog thinks you have gone. If you normally get a dog Walker in for lunchtime try to use this time as your walk again practising what the dog walker/minder would do when they return the dog home which means you disappearing upstairs or into another room. It doesn't matter so much that you have 'returned' earlier but that the dog has a history of you leaving and returning as you have done before and will ( hopefully) do again. Or better yet if separation anxiety is an issue then why not start the baby steps programme of dealing with separation anxiety. See your behaviourist for further advice. Let's face it our furry babies like company.